Romeo, Juliett

It just sort of rolls I mean I don’t mean to gush but it is a beautiful that smile sweet merciful heavens and great googlymooglies that smile. Yes right here one each thank you smells marvelous you did indeed tell me I’m so glad you knew this place and the location I mean oh he was so right this pinot with the cheeses is that in the crust is that I’m not sure well yes a single gent would do a bit of cooking. Right enough. Can’t imagine him whipping up a batch of but then I really enjoy tucking into a hearty especially a tasty repast just the right thing though of course cooking for one eating alone too right better than blowing the entire pay packet on well I mean if you really want to I don’t want to imply that I nothing fancy but well no I don’t think you’ll starve and Friday works yes Friday do you want I mean would you like to well yes after casual Friday I think putting it on a bit for dinner although remember I said not four seasons more like four seasonings and two of them are salt and pepper oh come on it’s not that funny now you’ve got me laughing that smile oh fear that smile as I live and that smile can one lose their mind over well history is full of I’m sorry yes no fixed hour so however I mean whenever seven is great.

No idea so much could be done with a custard tart now I hope you’re not expecting this level of well just don’t want to disappoint I mean truly and deep breath and that smile oh the throbbing in my chest that smile I very much do not want to disappoint. No chance she says will you listen to her. Yes I’ve often caught the 6:45 so I’ve got what ten minutes and it’s just there on the corner well yes I know I said next time you could but I mean lunch is lunch and dinner is well now you see how not old fashioned yes my good man give me that look just give her the card back if the lady wants to buy me a delicious that’s right beat it walk away let me get that for you yes yes old fashioned about doors just not about money lovely time so glad you suggested and her lips brush my cheek and her eye is there right there an inch away and her lid drops ever so slightly and her lips on my cheek my word as if a butterfly had an angel’s eyelashes so soft so excruciatingly yes Friday of course but tomorrow is just as likely what with the blast that driver early again. Ta for the chow ta for now.

Whiskey, Victor, Whiskey, Mike, Whiskey, Juliett

Well they make them in various shades and yesterday oh pulling my leg no really one gets tired of on the first day you know oh look you have green and the fumbling to avoid offense refer employee manual whatnot but then today I thought why not maybe he’ll notice and blushing how sweet how very old fashioned it’s such a rarity here we are and look he even holds the door blushing and all. Not so old fashioned as you might yes two please anywhere is fine table yes unless a booth excellent that will be fine thank you where was I not so old fashioned I still wonder that in our parent’s time I mean think about how recently it’s all changed and I’ve heard that after the war companies changed their names and sold cars to people they’d bombed under you know a different name and of course that’s not exactly the same as you and I what am I blushing again I simply used two pronouns I didn’t mean to imply and her hand so soft so soft and that smile and yes the special is fine and a glass of red is red all right wonderful I mean you’ve been here is the house red oh it is excellent if you know you would recommend it with the quiche rather than a white well I trust your judgment. You and I. I believe that’s what you said.

Well I know I did but they are as mentioned pronouns simply a way of referring. Armani. Please call me Armani it means Faith which is a name as well isn’t it yes exactly like the clothing maker but isn’t that Italian. Armani.

Golf, Hotel, India

Triage the entourage encourage the reportage in nonage oh ho. Drag and drop like a hot whatsit respond to this query that what is it about meeting someone that turns up the contrast so to speak makes the drudgery drudgerier but the sun shines ever so much more brightly and trudging through drudge time they say is fun when having flies or some such. Once upon the time for all good men already well I never oh yes you do eh not tonight early to bed early to Franklin I believe yes but still right enough despite it. Well then upon that good morrow my good yes yes just as you say.

No no down is easy enough tread riser riser tread but five of them well down as you say once begun best ha stopped at every floor did it well have a good oh stuff it big rig you and your prig wig. Through the carousel of joy upon joys imaging bumping well not literally just a slip of a refer endemic womanual pages this through then and that through what now rather than tomorrow well of course both would be fine one simply does not want to well yes most certainly not hesitation at all but in this environment one must as they say exercise well yes not precisely at but certainly standing right in front of yes shall we. Down the corner and back and the sun glowing gleaming so one can hear the rays firing joy down through invisible blue to green I would have sworn they were brown which one would expect from someone from but they could be contacts though well sweet merciful heavens welcome to teenage erm yes it is just possible I was in fact noticing the color but then they make them in various shades. True but these are my own and no and yes and well I would have sworn that yesterday they were brown.

Foxtrot, Lima, Oscar, Whiskey

What me whistling I think not hearing things again oh ho not the stairs would not want to arrive huffy puffy seven please why thank you no no wife pick them out myself and thank you again one does try to yes yes by now it would be half a nice day oh ho and the doors closing cutting off her legs but painlessly pointlessly the legs yes but the rest of the package I mean dreary not one to have a right old chinwag of a stormy windswept eve as one might want as one is wont. Bond James Bond neatly tucked under the arm attached as an attache attacking attraction approaching drat drat blast and drat. Certainly not thank you perhaps if she will be ah there she is thank you for nothing at all that smile goodness and light one would not think the first thing a healthy male would ogle would be her teeth but there you have it a smile like that and right up to the eyes the full Duchenne or some such yes an amendment to yesterday yes quite right. Understood.

Already gone. Yes. Told essentially to mind my own if you know what I odd yes a little but protocol is made to be too right made to be followed not ignored but then one knows which side of the pay packet and all that. Not so much troublesome as a right old bore one tries one really tries but after a decade no honestly coming right up on ten whole well look who is talking not that I refer emoluments womanual page flippity flap smiling is smiling but talking is talking and one must never blar blar blar oh a departmental thing all hands on as one might say well kind of you to say and well tomorrow would be swell right old fashioned that would be me look it up as they say and my picture and that smile can it even be real but it is just look at the little crinkles around her yes quite right back to the old grindstone and yes same place or a new oh yes loved it truly loved it so then would you like to well that works whoever gets there first can do the needful and well mind that or one of us will be up some creek without the wherewithal and can I possibly wait until tomorrow to see that smile again.

I think not. Tonight at least one dream will be devoted to five please goodness one is meant to spritz not lave splash launder in the stuff. Hey not mine you should have been on that elevator with you know from down on three right that one whew I mean cleanliness is enough without solid pungent right ho crimenently have I not just come from there flap a wee bit harder and fly out the window you pelican you peristalsis preventing pugnacious pill. In her hand.

The right I believe. Even laughs like a pelican or a peregrine or yes all wrapped up sewn up stitched and bound and that as they say is a wrap. Nothing further as I understand and you understand and are we not best mates for crying in the soup could one return to fromage in homage outrage toward the barrage. That one needs a drink or a wife or a wife to drink with now there is an idea.

Papa, Quebec, Romeo

Golden glowing on gleaming glass all the way up with only little lines of concrete grey gray beautiful one would almost say. Tread riser riser tread yet once more around the carousel of prig the big rig try prune juice old boy oh ho. Wait hold the elevator hold the drat blast confound it. Taupe today unless it was taupe yesterday in which case mauve today must learn the difference note to self color wheel of sensitivity blast that alleviator tread riser riser tread tread riser riser tread.

Despite the light lunch one is perhaps not in the mood for the barrage of fromage the homage to what ho ahoy matey thar she please advise upon receipt of amended blar blar blar well yes email has that tenacious quality of arriving almost always one might say. Print print print please sir if you please sir amended from anon yon requestor and whatnot seemed important and well glad to be of service yes yes all three oops ink stain ah well cleaners do cuffs eh and perhaps delivered and retrieve the previous well protocol would suggest sir I understand but really I do think well you sir of course sir one would not suggest otherwise yes sir shall I oh all right just ring whenever yes thank you you piker you pilchard you yes what I just came from how can he be yes yes coming. Now then now instead of then oh ho. Yes yes right into her hand not on the desk indubitably it pays to increase word power indeed sir learning words like paragon of pulchritude.