Even More FAQ

All the content is excerpted from my book Terpsichore Antipodes.

The smell the smell saving stairsteps leaves upon him once again the time a quick bitter brew how are you is that a new do hired a crew to redo the whole shebang eight fifty nine scurry past the fury breathing down his tie knot fortunately for all and sundry and sundried tomatoes on his breath. Mandatory locking screen to screen out all and sundry. Password must refrain from containing your brain and your pain to your disdain seconds remain ah just in time down the hall dee nine didn’t get the memo eh then you don’t have the agenda but then everyone has an agenda is not a dirty word but business being what it is and all well you know anyway we probably don’t need your input but better safe than efficient. Blar blar blar and the page says blar blar blar we do read my good man but not aloud not allowed chain of command and whatnot.

And so blar blar sweet merciful heavens look at the time and not a thing concluded send in your reports share notes as necessary perhaps next time three jay should join us just as they say in case better safe than sorry old chap a good plan is never a waste of time well it was a waste of mine but not aloud never allowed aloud. Ten ten repeating yourself ha but the time once again is upon him ten eleven after sixty seconds and there you go one minute closer to the security carousel of joy to the whirl. Only nineteen no eighteen till an outpouring of chatter a smattering of patter pouring the dregs unless you come late and make fresh. Refer to page seventy three of the employee womanual annually updated to include new ways to get fresh.