All the content is excerpted from my book Terpsichore Antipodes.

Mewing on concrete mewling behind shiny rectangle a smile a smile not at all fool not a smile more mewling. Glare behind glare once more the time was upon him time upon time time to climb upon. The smell oh that smell always the smell are the windows locked or do they not smell the smell. Rigidly riding not rapid.

Vapid with vapors if the vapors would vanish or varnish instead in his head the smell the smell shriek thump ha and the smell do the windows not open. Eight hundred seventeen the crush the rush the push the smell behemoth kneels and concrete. Pummeling noise buffeting boys and whirls into the golden rectangle. Closer and slower yielding resistance purposelessness pursuing pathetic purposes.

Yet once more unto the security carousel careful yourself carousel of joy to the whirligig whirl and giggle they will never let you in there is a thought. Suspicious and unsmiling resenting the gig wearing a big rig do ya dig ain’t no pig don’t give a fig that ain’t no wig zag when they zig. Do ya do ya want my turn that down headphones cause drain bamage or need it do ya do ya. Lifts alleviate riser tread tread riser but the smell the smell four floors once upon him again the time crush push rush five please beg pardon do excuse never open an umbrella in an elevator was never the intention.