Golf, Hotel, India

Drat. Drat and double and dipped in doo drat where did she get off to drat drat drat drat. Fare please keep moving drip drip drat drat oh the smell the wet heaving smell please make it stop make it stop if only buses had windows oh look what are those glass paned rectangles all down both sides you foolish numbskulls yes a little rain will come in would you look at us all wet as fish but at least the stench of humanity and canvas would dissipate even the tiniest bit oh please anyone anywhere listen to my pleas please. Water the ultimate driving danger men do not let this happen to you what if you splashed on your precious jag you are what if they make them from sugar and they melt engineer an entire city an entire city mind you with rail and utilities and well all that but getting a bit of rain to drain off a street how difficult is that sweet merciful heavens it would have been better maybe not better but faster to walk and the smell in my throat in my eyes can you smell with your eyes breathe breathe despite the smell you know it disappears three steps from the stop my stop thank you whoever it pleased to hear my pleas.

Yes thank you glad no one had to walk in this torrential of course yes yes keep moving drat drat drat right up to the knee well not quite but still the kerb was right there put your foot there but no three inches short and into the deepest spot in the flooding gutter nutter butter. Yes fine thank you so very much for asking only a short walk no no fireplace but the heater will soon yes indeed you as well and if only you could stop talking we could proceed in an orderly fashion to someplace not being drenched from the heavens sweet merciful as they may be. Furry fury not in evidence nothing quite like the smell of wet and the curry is washed from the air poor kitty on the stoop and what have you done sat there all day waiting to glare again get a grip raising a child is not for the faint of mental perspicacity. Concrete riser tread tread riser abutments abound until they abate.