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All the content is excerpted from my book Terpsichore Antipodes.

Siren somewhere seeking someone. Five please crush push rush gush hush no finger to the lips but still untoward after all toward a stall called otherwise. Grey or if you prefer gray we have any color you like as long as it is something other than a color. Inside the lines.

Inside the cell. Insides unwell well well what have we here on time for a change eh. Autovoiture eh or not oh well. Rumpled stilted spinning gold into straw oh the security of it all.

Password must contain eleven letters seventeen numbers five special characters three teeth nine yards and porridge in something or other. Wrong wrong three strikes no wait a grounder just inside third rounding for home page loading treacly wearily unto thee my oh me. Good enough for government workers unite shoelaces untie measurement unit. Faster better efficiency my boy if you work faster you can get more done in less time if only breaks could be shorter and arms could be longer belongings do not belong stow it can it clear the decks or desk personal items limited to three 3 not to include blar blar blar as if anything could be human or personal in the grey gray.