Questions Nobody Ever Asks

All the content is excerpted from my book Terpsichore Antipodes.

Whoosh noise it is so nice to know the digital missive has a tiny jet engine or perhaps cracks like a soft gentle bullwhip oh ho if one thing moves quickly round here it is no time for such nonsense confer with superior verbally and confirm acquisition and appropriate approximately immediately imbecile intense intent extends to each and every. Beep beep atonal kids playing songs dialing long distance changing tones what ever happened to good old 440 for A yes sir request from twelve em not on the phone protocol protocol boy bring it in bring it in. Rattle clunk piece of junk were they drunk. Bring it in bring it in but how would love to lug the ever loving machine slugging lugging buggy machine shall I print it out sir or simply forward printed printed signatures must be in triplicate in blue ink on all blar blar blar certainly sir poltroon a mindreader would find himself entangled in zoice on beyond zed bra let me tell you please select printer enter security code for secure printer password must contain blar blar on and on it goes yet there it sits in a hallway for all to seems someone would have thunk were they drunk yes sir you said three copies collated of course sir wouldn’t waste your time sir my signature well seems unorthodox here and here and here all present and accounting form.

Shall I hand deliver excuse me no trouble at all sir nearly break time so I could simply as you wish sir shall I get you an envelope yes sir poltroon you call that protocol more like circumvention circumlocution that sir is my name and you are wearing it out. Whatever. Not aloud not allowed. Protocol horticulture more like where once a weedy something or maybe a spreading chestnut tree the village idiot cannot stand still.