All the content is excerpted from my book Terpsichore Antipodes.

Dregs dark and dreary all the sugar in the world why yes a fresh pot would be grand new here are you well pleasure and all that no really no need all right if you insist three down two over like going to the chemist shop from the pub if you know ho ho. Nice fruity tart thank you very much though upon reflection more nice less fruity no tart we shall see we shall see. Semaphore the forgotten years pretend not to yes sir yes sir three stuffed shirts. Why yes still delighted to deliver the deluxe to the destination you poltroon used up all your energy inserting it into an interoffice intelligentsia my abdomen more like intoxicants r us.

Oh yes thank you anywhere is fine oh black black is good and she smiles those white white teeth and sweet merciful heavens refer page one three nine of the employee womanual racial commentary of any blar blar blar but bless me she laughs and says glad to hear it and then eyes down and is that blushing first flirt eh missy but not aloud not allowed well off to my own grey gray oh ho so you have heard have you ta any¬≠way black is grand open mouth insert but she laughs and does a delicious little finger wiggle this little wiggle went from here to there and around a corner wait the envelope is going that way and you with it chappy a brisk step or two well yes following you would be nice but unless the elevator certainly up to seven well well down four over two not quite pub to chemist but perhaps you might remember it at lunch tomorrow. Bless my soul so this is you what an amazing can you believe it who would have ever my my small anyway this just in rush rush some special something or other if you could see your way clear nonsense it’s what I get paid for isn’t it I guess you should know well they will be looking for me with butterfly nets if history is any aving a larf are we break time been hextended as hit no sir thank you sir poltroon though you might need a different name for the seventh floor. Looking back at the alleviator she winks she actually winks not a flirty wink more of a conspiratorial joke is on him or is it. Unbidden digits waggle door closes slicing off further nonsense it means nothing.