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All the content is excerpted from my book Terpsichore Antipodes.

Twelve down twenty six to go where does it all come from oh look there a column labeled from which must be oh ho he is winding the watch of his wit by and by it will strike. Nuage. Wrong language anyway. Piaget.

Same again. Voyage after bon and once more of the same. Thirty one down eleven more to go and still they come Canute sets his throne at the edge of the server and tries to stem the tide. Triage is all alone.

Ten nine eight if he got up no point waiting she did say come up for lunch but did she mean today or is that presumptuous refer inmate manual page blar blar blar make it eager but not pushy well maybe not eager but pleasantly pleased sweet merciful heavens just go not exactly actionable now is it. No thanks stairs are fine you smelling little pardon me oh taking the stairs too good for the environment you mean good for my nose the smell the smell and stomach only two flights anyway and besides it means room for another bun right well then ta ta. Casual appears studied but direct appears genuine. Writing a manual are we how not to refer operations womanual page blar blar oh super I was worried you didn’t hear or you know being new and all yes yes quite make one feel welcome after all across the street well why not although the canteen yes quite crowded you go there often well then good enough for you and all that.