Golf, Hotel, India

Triage the entourage encourage the reportage in nonage oh ho. Drag and drop like a hot whatsit respond to this query that what is it about meeting someone that turns up the contrast so to speak makes the drudgery drudgerier but the sun shines ever so much more brightly and trudging through drudge time they say is fun when having flies or some such. Once upon the time for all good men already well I never oh yes you do eh not tonight early to bed early to Franklin I believe yes but still right enough despite it. Well then upon that good morrow my good yes yes just as you say.

No no down is easy enough tread riser riser tread but five of them well down as you say once begun best ha stopped at every floor did it well have a good oh stuff it big rig you and your prig wig. Through the carousel of joy upon joys imaging bumping well not literally just a slip of a refer endemic womanual pages this through then and that through what now rather than tomorrow well of course both would be fine one simply does not want to well yes most certainly not hesitation at all but in this environment one must as they say exercise well yes not precisely at but certainly standing right in front of yes shall we. Down the corner and back and the sun glowing gleaming so one can hear the rays firing joy down through invisible blue to green I would have sworn they were brown which one would expect from someone from but they could be contacts though well sweet merciful heavens welcome to teenage erm yes it is just possible I was in fact noticing the color but then they make them in various shades. True but these are my own and no and yes and well I would have sworn that yesterday they were brown.

Juliett, Kilo, Lima, Mike

On and on trained monkey mode automaton mode computer program mode brain in the bottom drawer with elastic bands and spare Biros mode break what break you are witnessing a triage machine an homage to the barrage of fromage garbage. Eleven quarter. Eleven half. Eleven three quarters.

Eleven fifty. Five. Four. Three.

Two. One would never have imagined an infantile a pubescent what next acne sweet merciful heavens a casual chat need not turn into lunch and a ring on her anyway one must eat and one did not bring oneself one single thing to yes yes of course department whatever never turn down a free though we all know there is no such thing as a free yes coming coming. Could it be any more blar blar blar all you lack is a plaid polyester sports coat you old poltroon you duffer you pompous no none for me must keep feet not getting any pardon yes of course hear hear all for one and one moment please sweet merciful heavens move down one one must accord the kidneys or bladder or whatever the appropriate speaking of appropriate good night nurse can you not stop while one finishes what one is trying to yes yes excellent thank you very much thank you very very much sorry that last glass of yes indeed out in a jiffy you pilchard. Beautiful day for a well truthfully one might prefer to excellent yes thank you for understanding you pilchard you poltroon have you no office to go home to but you cannot stay here dreadful song.