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All the content is excerpted from my book Terpsichore Antipodes.

Yes five please oh suppose we might have taken the stairs but sure it seems they’re always in a rush until time for bonuses and then it’s hurry up and wait blar blar blar should have taken the stairs indeed one of us at least. Semaphore. Have you no shame man waving like a drunken sailor weaving wobbly good night nurse coming as fast as I yes sir certainly into her hands yes sir her a replacement you remember what happened yes sir tragic but we all have to go yes sir no would never do to simply leave it lying on the agreed entirely will that be all sir very good sir stuff it up your shirt if it could be stuffed any more sir. At home it would be elevensies but in grey gray it is merely sixty more till strap on the old yes yes the forms have been submitted to the appropriate blar blar blar perfect opportunity for the gasbag font available online puff out your chest like that quail that thumps you thumping great waste of time.

Maybe it was a turkey. Far more appropriate oh ho. Triage erm what rhymes with oh well. A good stretch from a tall chair reach up and touch the bottom side of boredom if only it were transparent perhaps there is something not leftover fish head dead up there beyond the tedium te deum to do list ta da.

Dadaism is dead long live mamaism. A miasma of mamaism. Be azh. Dee azh.

Fromage. Not quite. Homage. Well fromage homage but only close.