What A Long Title This Page Has

All the content is excerpted from my book Terpsichore Antipodes.

Empty alleviator what a surprise. Ground floor indeed is it one or zero or are we all bits in a grand yes after you and big rig smiles at her and slips over like teflon spray yes unseasonably warm safe enough to cross here yes seems the whole city stops for lunch where do they all park I know right well this is nice please sir madam anywhere at all we’ll be right with you. All homemade well not home of course but simply excruciating is that the right word anyway warm and toasty look at the butter melt oh yes the special dare we yes the special and white just a glass well isn’t this nice. So kind to be taken under a wing so to speak.

A little frightening when the agency yes a temp agency having only just moved down from the north it seemed prudent to one needs all the help one can but to think higher echelons one might say and right up the top floor well I have to tell you dare we have another glass oh probably wiser anyway where was I no specific training but I pick things up and the agency said nothing ventured nothing to it so far though of course those ropes still learning the ropes is that a sailing term but then they say they all call them lines and sheets though that sounds more like sails but anyone who can say boatswain and forecastle the way they do I mean really what is the language coming to oh don’t you just hate that dessert cart trick I mean there it is and it’s probably sending some irrepressible olfactory oh I know mum is always onto me about my vocabulary but I say the right word is the word one should say wouldn’t you say oh ho but yes anything with the words death and chocolate why not but perhaps we could share it though I’ll probably eat most of it I know it’s not ladylike but I don’t care. Once the time was upon him indeed. No really I insist but you barely know me and I never intended well if you’re more comfortable look I don’t mean to make a kerfuffle I’ll just say ta very much and perhaps next time well certainly and I’m glad to think there might be a next time but why not it’s only two floors between us ooh more than warm now isn’t it and sweet merciful heavens when she stretches like that not sensual but well just attractive that’s all a chap can notice refer emolument womanual pages blar through blar diagram fourteen not to be shared outside the quick that bus right enough five for me seven for you. Indeed as did I and perhaps again soon though not necessarily tomorrow shut yer blathering gob ya twit.